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Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Today while taking a break in the fall weather haha, I was listening to a group of girls also enjoying the fall weather. They were talking about their jobs and they were glancing over at me while speaking (so it's not really eavesdropping). One girl said to the others "I need to manifest a new job". Another said well how the hell do you just manifest that? She went on to say well didn't you ever hear of "law of Attraction" you meditate, and see it in your vision and the universe provides it for you". She continues; you get what you desire by thinking about it and actually seeing yourself in that job. I quickly envisioned both I dream of Jeanne nodding her head.

​Wow! I thought my explanation of Reiki was vague.......

​Honestly, I think this is what most people think Law of Attraction is all about. Wishing or manifesting works by merely visualizing you already have what it is your looking for. Very very honestly I know of one man who wanted to make a killing in his business. He also had this kind of thought process except he took it to far. He thought that if he not only visualized his life of wealth but also thought he should act as though it was already his.  He then went out and leased a BMW, bought Brunello suits, expensive ties and spent thousands and thousands on looking like a millionaire. This was for sure to get him the status he wanted. He found himself back in school to earn his masters. He is now in debt paying off suits, cars and additional student loans. 

Two points to make here first, do you really know what you want to manifest in your life AND do you really understand you don't play the role if you have not yet auditioned?

​I no longer attempt to explain Reiki, but here are two stories that I can share about Reiki sessions. Unfortunately not from Denzel Washington or Jim Carey, but two people that came only for a few months. In a few months (weekly sessions) they were able to gain clarity as to what they truly wanted to be when they grew up. They were of course grow ups but not doing what they enjoyed. The first a professional getting bored and depressed with her career that took 7 years of schooling, however, not satisfied. Every day was listening to the same old same old although generating a wonderful income but tired of the fight.  She is now self employed. No longer doing what became mundane she is more prosperous and satisfied since she found her passion She is now coaching young professionals like herself how not to burn out as she did.

The second person who "manifested" her passion was an artist ( she did not see herself that way)it was when she was younger a hobby. She pushed it aside for a multitude of reasons and since went back to painting. She is an incredible artist and I will not be surprised if she doesn't open her own gallery in the very near future.  CLARITY!

Reiki helps you to gain clarity, The first few sessions simply enable you to quiet your mind. Once that is achieved you are able to think clearer, to know who you are when you ARE you in a quiet space. Your mind is given an opportunity to not only know what it is that you want but how to pursue what you always hoped for. You eventually see before you the steps that will lead to the place you want to be in. Reiki is not just for the anxious, the stressed, the depressed, or the ill, its for people who just need to stop thinking to actually think.

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