To the finish line 2013

2013 brought with it a few friends who developed cancer, a few with a diagnosis of disabling diseases and some who endured uncomfortable medical conditions.  They are the hero's of 2013.  They are survivors, they have made it to the finish line of 2013. They have realized the strength they do have, the power of prayer and powerful intentions  sent by others.  They know first hand how precious life is, moment by moment; how to love even more, how to enjoy even more and this year brings them confidence in believing .... Some have lost those they love, overwhelmed with feelings of abandonment and incredible grief. They are the true survivors of 2013. They have learned that life truly does continue and they are now guided by yet more sparkles of energy; beloved souls that left with them the blessing of warm memories. What the survivors have done is embrace and absorb the best  qualities of those that have transitioned and incorporate them in their own lives and now use those qualities to enlighten others daily. Others have lost their jobs and struggled financially.  They are the warriors of 2013. They have revealed the true meaning of richness. Gone are the nights out to dinner and big shopping spree's replaced my home cooked meals, time in deep conversation, playing games with their spouses & children at night, reading stories, making popcorn, simple things they had no time for or no prior interest in.  They would not trade the hard times for the world for it deepened their love as a couple, a family. It has also given them the opportunity to explore other careers and interests that were truly destined to be. For those who have assisted in any way those struggling to make it to the 2013 finish line, those are the believers. They held up all of those in one way or another.  They never doubted the gifts the universe provides and the never failing goodness of God even when those directly effected may have waivered. They have taught me never ever to fear not one thing in life.  Which is a wall we all hit that hampers our destiny. The wall of fear that will not allow us to put one foot in front of the other at times.  It is the believers that allow us to jump knowing with great confidence the net will appear at just the right time. Thank you 2013 for all circumstances I was privileged to witness.  I stand in gratitude for all of them. It reinforces my sincere belief in peoples goodness, in the power of intention and prayer, in God and His infinite wisdom and perfect timing. Never allow your mind to defeat your spirit. Never allow your mind to call it a day, or to make you fold.  Believe!  Put all your chips in the center of the table, you will be amazed when you slide your chips back they are beyond your comprehension of abundance.  We made it to the finish line of 2013. Now as we start 2014  remember we are survivors, we are hero's we are warriors we are believers we are beginning a journey that we have the ability to create a dream come true for ourselves and for others. May every blessing be yours!

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