Symposium (I just love the word)

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

I just love this word.....symposium it rolls right out and gives me a visual of a symphony, an entire orchestra, a pit of people, various soothing sounds coming together that allow your mind to go ahhhh. This is what I experienced Saturday, a symposium.

​I was invited to share Reiki with a Women's Health Symposium, a symphony; something regarded, , typically favorable as a composition of elements. The elements consisted of beautiful sunshine through the balcony windows, women of all ages, motivational speakers, healthy treats, lots of smiles. This is very much what I was a part of. Many women on different journeys , stages and phases of their lives being all together, being enlightened, gathered as sisters. All with a smile, a kind word and lots of positive energy surrounding them. They came with the hope of hearing, seeing, learning, expecting - expecting to understand how other women have grown, how they were motivated, what or who nourished them, how their lives changed in a positive direction and for many, how to keep traveling forward to their own individual goal. I believe we all accomplished what we set out for.

​Just when you think you have heard every inspirational, motivational speech, when you think you have read every inspiring quote on facebook or Instagram probably 17,000 times you are introduced to two women who were inspirational with their own words, who were real, 3D. They engaged us with their personal journey to wholeness and neither claimed to be whole, but found their direction and going full speed ahead confidently onward and upward. Isn't that what we want, really? To be so confident to go full speed ahead! Confidence in changing a direction?

​I don't know about you but I am kinda tired with facebook ads on "law of attraction" how to obtain abundance, how to clear your mind, how to think positive, see only the good. I want the 3D motivator the real person with their real words.. I want to hear about their beginnings, their middles, their mountains, their cliffs and their jumps and I want to see them planted on the ground in their rich soil created by them for them. I don't want to hear it on a podcast or read it from a book all the time.  I want "live" to hear their heart's and soul's speak to me.

​Alison Ransom Hamilton a beautiful international model and Holistic Health Coach, I needed to see her and hear her journey and listen to her story of going from one career to another. How and why it brought her to where she is today and a long forgotten true story on longevity and what it really requires ​Dr. Aqueela Ligonde, her journey, her soul, her back stage mess, her cliff hanging time and how she is sweeping through her way to clarity on her way to a amazing destiny rather continue her amazing journey.. ​I won't share their stories because I hope you can attend an engagement that they may have on schedule and hear It for yourselves.

​The crowd? Not one without a smile, not one without a listening ear, not one without a hello or kind words. Genuinely good hearted people in the same room on the same planet with me. Just different stars in this life in different positions. Yep, all who were there were stars. WE ARE ALL STARS! Some of us may not know this yet and some of us don't know how to shine.

​I learned Saturday, August 20th, 2017 the only way to shine is, well let me explain how a star shines. I had to google Astro Bob, seriously, there is an Astro Bob on google. Here goes, stars are atoms that when fused release an enormous amount of energy that form gamma rays. They are powerhouse's of energy in the forms of rays. So, why do stars shine because of the fusion. The fusion creates a reaction which creates energy that is released and sent out into the universe as light.

​Together, Saturday we, the group of atoms, women fused together, joined, blended and synthesized, I was energized, I was motivated and I was sent out into the universe to shine. And you?

​Alicia Hunte, one of the most kindest gentlest soul I know and her sisters, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The immense effort you put into this day - You all shine a bit brighter for it.

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