One of my best teachers - Nature

It was a beautiful weekend and we spent it in two different parks.  Walking and commenting on the trees.  The changing of the leaves, the colors, the trunks, the vines that grew down from branches we took it all in. Amazed of how things just grow and in doing so they twist and turn in the wildest ways just to be able to continue their growth and produce new branches. Determination!  They allow nothing to get in their way as they have their own service to provide in nature.

Life starts out for the most part heading straight up and in a blink it takes many twists and turns most of which we are unprepared for and many we choose to angst over even though we have no control. Many don't continue to grow because we simply don't know what to do with the new branches (good or bad) of our lives ; instead we see them as interferences, and growth stops.

Those branches become fear, anger , frustration, rejection,  addiction, sickness, grief and get twisted within oneself and they become suffocating . Time is preoccupied in negative thoughts and  "what if's" become the focus. Energy decreases and much worse lives go on pause while time and the rest of the world keeps flowing.

 This begins the battle  mind, body & spirit. 

Accept what can't be changed, it will find its way around on it's own.  

Believe there is a purpose, like the twisted branches of the trees , they continued, produced and served their purpose in nature; allowing something much greater than them make the right provisions.

Enjoy! Any moment life can change and every minute it does, its best and blessed to actually "be in each moment" so not to say "where did that time go" rather "look how much I've accomplished through it all".  View every twist and turn as an opportunity to grow, and complete the journey in peace and joy.

Life should be "treemendous!"

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