Not what but why

For some reason after I have treated clients for months they no longer ask what really is reiki rather why did I get involved in reiki? What made you choose this practice? Well its not a long story but its bunches of short stories and I agreed I would write about them.

I was invited many years ago by a sister that I worked with at the church to attend a reiki 1 class at a Catholic University. I thought at the time it was simply for the ride. Now I know differently. I agreed to go so that she would not miss it and I could use the brownie points as admission to heaven.  We sat in a classroom with 10 others. Only two of us were not in this order. I thought for sure after the first 10 minutes this was a cult! For sure it was anti-church movement or an exorcism ritual and thought that I would be asked to sacrifice a chicken at any given moment. The incense was so thick I could not see the person next to me nor could I swallow without coughing smoke like puff the magic possessed dragon. I repeatedly heard the words symbols. My first thought was the ones belly dancers use to my surprise they were not, and believe me after the first hour I was surprised they were not the belly dancers symbols. Who knew what to expect next and considering I was 2 breaths away from hyperventilating for the past hour....back to symbols.  After the room cleared a bit I could see on the black board freaky symbols and we were asked to trace them in our hands....ok were they going to ask me to trace them with a switch blade and high five each other around the room? The lack of oxygen does crazy things. We simply traced them in our own hands with our fingers.

They spoke about chakra's (still dizzy I related that word to Chaka Khan) energy centers, meridians, alternative medicine, modalities, pain relief, stress reducing, relaxation, improved immune system.  At that point the song "Through The Fire" stopped playing in my head and I started to listen to the teacher.  I needed to know more about these symbols, this reiki energy, this relaxation technique - ESPECIALLY  tonight- that night- that I was introduced to reiki. I went home and drew the symbols all over myself ( at least 100 times) to see if the experience of this bizarre night would actually relax me at the very least help me stop the twitch I developed from the class or the incense whatever caused it. Even more bizarre, as if it could get there, I went back for reiki II,  2 months later, reiki III 2 months after that AND 9 months after that I was officially able to treat people with my new found energy, reiki.


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