Not just a "gut" feeling

How many times have we all said " I should have gone with my gut" or "I have this gut feeling". We have all said this and usually it is after we have made the wrong decision and find ourselves in the midst of the consequences.  So, how many more times do we not go with that "gut" feeling?  Well it is truly a matter of trust, when do you begin to trust yourself and your own intuitiveness.  We all have it!  Unfortunately we can't decide whether that "gut" feeling is our irrational thoughts and fears of making a decision be it as simple as attending a function to accepting a new job that may be creating that indecisiveness which reacts in a physical discomfort or nudge or "gut" feeling.  Intuition is thought of as a non logical approach to handle anything even everything.  We are embarrassed to say that we follow our "gut" or we have a "hunch".  Most people want to know that we have made a decision based on logics and analytical reasoning. Yet, we all have made choices in error when our first response was not a learned response, but more a cryptic message that we did not follow. We feared the reaction of others when they were told how, why and what we based our decision on. We need to count on our own instincts when we are most in need. We can of course seek advice from friends, family even a counselor but sometimes that just confuses and impairs or even worse diminishes our capacity to the power of our own intuitiveness.  You've got it!  Learn how to use it. After a few months of reiki sessions with a client they are able to obtain for themselves that state of relaxation that quiets their minds. In doing so they developed a better understanding of how their mind and body react and the need to pay attention and trust that inner voice that little something instinctual . The experience of treatments helps them to realize that they like Dorothy, had that power all along. 

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