It is what it is...

I am finding myself becoming increasingly intolerable to this expression.  Is it just me? "It is what it is" seems to be a poplar cliché.  What it says to me is "forget about it, it's done and over, there is nothing you can do about it, don't think about it anymore, deal with it, or more simply screw it and yet some think this is a phrase with meaningful insight! To me it implies hopelessness, helplessness, as if circumstances are unalterable or worse yet that we are unalterable.

I believe there is nothing farther than the truth.  If we want to accept the phrase "it is what it is" that is your personal decision.  If what has happened, or what is transpiring right now is unacceptable then it is not what it is in its finality, all things can and will change.  Energy and the universe never ever stop.

At the very least our perspective can change which in turn will shed a light "The Light" on what is for the moment. 

I had many appointments last weekend and I love what I do, it is truly life giving.  I know that the reiki treatments help both the donor and the recipient "where two or more are gathered"..... It was this weekend that I could not even count the many times I heard "it is what it is" when each person described a physical or emotional situation in their lives. I have thought about this since then.

After one treatment in particular, the person shared what she experienced.  She felt as thought she was on a raft in this ocean, with the sun penetrating gently through her eye lids bringing the rest of her body warmth and a feeling of complete weightlessness, sailing through all the drama now in her life effortlessly. She felt a sudden determination to change her situation.

Thinking of both  the intolerable phrase and her description of her experience it resonated with me that we ARE on rafts in the ocean of sorts, we ride the waves, go through periods of high tides, low tides.  We are all given the same tools to create the raft, some of us will find short cuts, some will work effortlessly, diligently spending days, month's years to ensure they are stable under all conditions.  Many like myself still work on my raft.  I have probably disassembled it many times only to start again at the beginning never thinking " it is what it is" when it did not OR I did not think it would hold up under different circumstances.

If we can picture ourselves on rafts in the ocean ; sailing along, sailing into each other for long or short periods, being nurtured by everything the universe, the sun, and God provides we know that we can't control the waves but we can tend and mend the raft we were given and know for sure it is not "what it is" but it is a strong current and we can rebuild our foundations, our rafts. One is born to live so prepare, live with the expectation of strong winds, rip currents and if you need a better foundation a better raft then build it with hope and believe all things can change.

Become weightless, adapt to the current situation and know "God only is changeless".

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