It is all about YOU after all

Yep, so lately I have found myself in the defense position. I am finding myself defending "reiki" as a alternative healing method and I find myself defending being a Christian. I have to be clear that reiki is religiously neutral its history begins with a spiritualist; a Buddhist monk.

I have met many practitioners of all different faiths or beliefs and have treated people of all different faiths and beliefs. I need to say that each person that I have had the opportunity to treat for more than 3 sessions have returned to a form of prayer or religious practice that they long since relied on. Some have started meditation as they see and feel a close connection to the universe and to them, the ocean, gardens, or a hiking trail is a place they find comfort and belonging. A "spiritual" connection.

I recently was told that yoga was a practice frowned upon by a few religions. It's idea of "mantra's" and yoga positions were "ways in which evil or the evil one" would enter into their lives. Those who had taken classes or received treatments were asked to renounce it. Some were anointed to ensure that any evil presence did not remain.

The reiki practitioners who work in the field of medicine where reiki is not yet invited as an alternative therapy do so quietly so that other doctors, or nurses, or therapists have no knowledge of what they are doing in such a caring way for their patients with incredible results. Many hospitals and therapists are now offering reiki and yoga to assist their patients in healing or suggesting these alternatives.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is "it is all about you". It is for you to chose what methods are most beneficial to balance your mind, your body, your spirit. It is all about YOU, the choices you make, the actions you take, the way you respond, react, is the way we were created with freedom of will, with intentions for our greatest good; for ourselves and the world.

With every blessing.

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