Grace, the hour you first believe

The song Amazing Grace is heard mostly at funerals and one may make the association to death and dispare when we hear it. For some it puts them in a morbid state; and a cycle begins of memories of those they love who have transitioned and even their own mortality.

Recently, I included myself in a web broadcast and this song was played at the end.  I, true to the aforementioned, now hear this song with a totally different thought process a new perspective and insight to this (now for me) life giving song.

Grace will be yours the hour you first believe.

My prayer for this year for myself and for others is that we will live a year where any fear, doubt, negativity, impatience is completely eliminated.  I will firmly believe my reasonable desires will be achieved and I wait a short period of time in the grace of belief. These reasonable desires WILL BE. 

I am at middle age, the sound or appearance of that statement gives me the creeps, and yet I feel as though I have  a lifetime ahead, and actually I do, I have MY lifetime ahead.  I have no boundaries unless I design them, no limits unless I create them, no worries unless i fabricate them.  I rid myself of all excuses that might hinder my plowing ahead, because of grace, this hour I believed.

As I speak with many my age I find them "hitting a wall" with their limiting their goals, losing motivation or ambition and filling themselves with negativity.  Many developed fears and some phobias due to their own thoughts mostly in regard to their future or how some have shared the "lack of time in their future".  It saddens me to think they may not believe or have the hope that "the best is yet to come". At this age, most of us have raised our children to the best of our ability, we have made dents in our mortgages and have as much security in our jobs as one can possibly have today. For some of us we are witnessing parents age, which is an uncontrollable matter-of-course.

We can't hit walls - the planet is round- there are no walls or corners unless you build them. 

The sky is the limit, we are not there yet, we have a long way to go, we need to reach goals and raise them again, we need to believe in the transformation of our thoughts, we need to continue to accomplish.  Yep by Grace, the hour we believe!

Why this on a reiki website? Yes, reiki is an alternative, complimentary medicine or modality offered in many medical institutions for physical ailments and a source of relaxation with an ability to reduce stress.We have to acknowledge and hold true the fact remains many infirmities are more often caused by thoughts then the absence of care for ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

My experience with those who I treat with reiki sessions on a regular basis, their own conclusion; a need for a better foundation in the knowing or believing in a powerful God, in a Divine Power, in the abundance of the universe. So in addition to the vibrational treatments of energy, their eyes have lifted towards heaven.

Grace & healing, the hour they first believed.

To God be the glory & may every blessing be yours!

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