Dancing Through Divorce

Sounds like I couldn’t wait to be divorced and was ecstatic during the process. So far from the truth, but I had to find a coping mechanism to get me through a tumultuous marriage. I chose to dance. It took me away from the arguing the restlessness of sitting with someone and not communicating apart from harsh words and dirty looks.

So, I Sambaed my way through it all, waltzed to the attorney several times, tangoed through the paperwork rumbaed through the hearings and hustled through the system and mamboed out of the court house. That was the way I handled the almost year and a half process of divorce.

After that there was no time to dance, I had to support a house, my son and myself. I was reduced to a mere fox trot! I missed the dancing and found myself quick stepping into the day’s of post-divorce. I wished I did not spend all the money on lessons and showcases but I did what I had to do at the time. Shortly after, when the well ran dry for dance, I found Reiki. I started going to a Reiki practitioner for sessions and I paid to learn the technique. It was a fraction of the cost of dancing and I gave myself the best coping skill for everything I struggled with or still struggle with. I learned to be still, to listen, to relax despite the struggle before me. I learned to think, to regroup and to discern the next phase of life. Had I learned Reiki before I would have saved thousands of dollars and had fat thighs but I could have just worn skirts.

We all handle things differently and sometimes our choices of handling are not the best. Wine? Wine is good, but you can’t have wine sitting in traffic having a panic attack. Prescribed medication that works but long term effects? Meditation yup that’s the hottest (yet expensive to be taught the “how to” effectively) but meditation and mindfulness is the up and coming technique next to yoga. How is that downward dog looking on the subway?

No one ever knows when I am doing self-reiki. I can do it sitting in the worst business meeting ever. I can do it in the car, I can do it ANYWHERE and so can you. Experience a session, give yourself an alternative to what is not working for you now, what is not healthy, what is not awkward to do in public! Boogie on Reiki Women

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