What is Reiki?

Reiki is best understood when experienced!  


All things have energy: vibrational energy.  Energy can be at different levels of frequency or in fact be blocked or trapped.  The lower the frequency of your energy is an invitation for your mind to think in the negative and your body will respond to your mind. Negative thoughts or lower frequency of energy manifests itself in the form of depression or anxiety. It has been proven what the long term effects of these conditions will do to our immune system and physical body. Consider the opposite to be the same; if you are suffering from a physical or emotional illness or disease your energy and frequency is low.  As your mind and body become balanced which is the function and intention of the practitioner; your overall wellbeing begins.  Reiki, although religiously neutral, will create or enhance your own personal spirituality. 

The meaning of "rei" is universal life force "ki" means energy. 

For me this universal energy is undeniably God.

Reiki is not "new age" it is an ancient practice that promotes healing of mind, body and spirit. It is now becoming a wide spread alternative method in which many of my clients have come for treatments recommended by their therapists, chiropractors, internists , oncologists and nutritionists. 

Reiki is not a treatment to replace any medical treatments you are currently undergoing or replace any medication that you have been prescribed.  Reiki works well in conjunction with traditional medical treatment or therapy. 


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